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New Year's Rez

Only do the things I like?

· New Years Resolution,Making choices

Last week as we were wrapping up, my co-host on a local TV broadcast asked me about my resolutions for 2018. I said the first thing that popped into my head. That's one of my "charmblems" right there: Saying stuff that pops into my head, which is usually the truth, and often elicits a wrecked smile from everyone in the room, including me.

(Note to self: don't do that! )

(Note to reader: I do avoid as much as possible saying the popping stuff when someone else's feelings would be hurt. {Tip for a Happy Life #1} )

However, rather than diet, exercise and lifestyle improvements as goals for the new year, why did I choose "only doing what I like to do in 2018"? Well because it's the truth. Personally, I have had it up to here with doing things I don't want to do.

(Note to self: I've had it up to here. ) (Note to reader: I saw this meem on

Fortunately I did not say "do only what I want to do for the rest of my life!" I can foresee a few potential problems with resolving to do only things I like in the new year, let alone for the rest of my life:

I will want to be careful of my tendency to confuse a sense of duty with liking to do something. Film and literature are chock full of plots where doing one's duty in time of war or international crisis is a noble thing to do, a heroic sacrifice. However, the only crises I experience are, for the most part, those of my own making based on some perverted sense of duty where it's almost a given that I will go down with the ship. We're talking riding it down all the way to bottom of the sea.

Another potential stumbling block is confusing the emotion of not wanting to do something with not liking to do something. Many of the things I like to do, love to do, in fact, involve a lot of doing stuff I don't particularly want to do as part of the package. Just because I may not want to do something doesn't mean I don't like doing it. It's that sitting down bit, the getting started part, the committing thingy. Like getting out on the slopes. I'm half dead with aggravation by the time I hit the powder. All that time spent bundling up and strapping on and buckling in. So much easier to plunk down on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and a name-your-favorite-beverage. That's what I really want to do, but do I like doing it?

There I go again. Blaming the popcorn. Isn't it time I went ahead and took responsibility for my choices. I suppose that's what I am really resolving in 2018, to have the courage to make decisions that will take my breath away.

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