• Becky Sanders

    Writing, Editing, Development, Marketing,

    Original Work, Mentoring

    Words Mean Everything - which is why I make every word count

  • How can I help?

    If it involves words, I'm in!

    Expertise in word campaigns that deliver the message

    Advertising, advocacy, fundraising, jingles, mottos, anything...

    Writing Consultant to help you when your words just won't come

    Editing, memoirs, book ideas, articles, screenplays, papers, anything...

    General Factotum as long as there are words involved

    Research, fact-checking, bibliography, hand-holding to get you through a deadline

  •  A celebration of communication as the key to relationship building

    "The problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place" -

    George Bernard Shaw

    "Communication takes time--time to get to know your subject and caring enough to get it right." -


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    Listen to 4 songs I co-wrote

    (I create therefore I am)

    For demonstration purposes only - these demos are not for commercial distribution.


    What About the Children?

    What happens to our kids when we split up? Let's make sure we are doing the right thing.


    7th Inning Stretch

    Can you find true love at the ball park? Definitely!


    Move On

    Will I see the love of my life again? Not in this life. But I have my memories and I can wait.


    Worth It

    I'm heartbroken but I wouldn't change a thing.

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    A smattering of my work

    A well placed word is worth 1000 pictures

    Experienced in developing and curating content:



    Blog Posts







    13 Screenplays

    2 produced films


    Novel - Carter's Creek

    First Chapter




  • I participate ... it's in my DNA

    Brainstorming, Collaboration, Creation and Execution

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    I'm the one with the flower in her hair. I put the all-volunteer crew together for this original documentary, "Cuba Cubano Canibaño." I listen, I think and I connect. Asking people to do the things they want to do anyway is one of the keys to my success as a leader and why I make a great team player.


    I founded our neighborhood association in order to connect folks in the Ventura neighborhood around issues of mutual concern.


    I am co-chair of our community association organization.


    I am a block preparedness coordinator for my street and work with the Neighborhood Preparedness Coordinator to make sure that our neighborhood is prepared and resilient in the face of an emergency.


    I founded the MC Sports program so that youth could learn event coverage and sports broadcasting, to take them from consumers to creators.


    And I worked with young people to connect them to our civic leaders and create videos around community issues. We got to go to DC and meet then President Obama, the First Lady and Bo.


    Currently I am pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing.


    Communication starts with listening.

  • Use Your Words

    and I'll use mine